The ACPA24 Convention Team, Governing Board, Entity Leadership, and International Office are committed to a Convention centering attendees’ experiences, focusing on skill and knowledge development, and advancing our collective work towards racial justice and decolonization. ACPA24 will take place during the association’s centennial year giving us the opportunity to Reflect. Evolve. Act. Reflecting on the history of ACPA allows us to evolve the work of higher education so we can take action that best serves our students and colleagues. ACPA24’s physical location of Chicago, Illinois ties us directly to our beginnings as it was the site of the first meeting in 1924 of the organization that would become ACPA. 

It is the hope of the ACPA24 Convention Planning Team that the experience of convention will engage participants to understand, unpack and celebrate the work we have done and the lessons that we have learned; to make plans and evolve our thinking to transform the future; and that we will commit to making change, breaking down barriers and centering racial justice and decolonization in our work. 

As you think toward what you might propose, we encourage you to consider:

  • Modes for expressing your content and engaging with attendees in ways that shift beyond a slide show and/or static monologue
  • How your content will provide attendees with frameworks for developing their own action plans
  • The extent to which attendees will be provided with the tools to take action upon their return to campus
  • Relevance of your work to ACPA’s values including the Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization

To shape a high-quality learning experience, the #ACPA24 Program Team needs diverse program proposals about best practices and initiatives in higher education.

Important Dates

Call for Educational Programs open14 June 2023
Pre-Convention Workshop Proposal deadline31 July 2023
Deadline to sign up to serve as a proposal Reviewer8 September 2023
All Other Sessions Proposal deadline8 September 2023
Program review begins12 September 2023
Proposal review completed by Reviewers28 September 2023
Proposal decision notificationsearly November 2023
Registration deadline for all presenters15 December 2023

ACPA24 Program Types

Educational Sessions

Session TypeSession TimeDescription
Convention Program60 minutesSessions on a specific topic or theme in which the subject can be explored in a 60 minute block and the presentation format is multi-modal. Examples of formats utilized in a convention programs can include, but are not limited to, lecture, panel, slide presentation, spoken word, art, film and musical performances. Utilizing creative delivery modalities is welcome and encouraged. To discuss creative delivery modalities further, please email [email protected].
Pre-Convention Workshops4 or 8 hours
Workshops meant for an in-depth discussion on current and emerging topics that transform higher education. 4-hour sessions will be Sunday afternoon (1-5pm) and Monday morning (8:30am-12:30pm). These 4-hour sessions can also be combined as one 8-hour session.

Scholarship Sessions

Session TypeSession TimeOverview
Research Paper and Research-In-Process20 minutes of a 60 minute sessionResearch and Research-in-Process sessions are similar in that they are both formatted as a research paper. The same components are required for the proposal, but these vary in terms of detail based on the stage the research is in. Research papers need to be completed three weeks prior to the Convention. Research-in-Process papers can be at various stages of readiness, but data needs to be collected and analyses must be started at least three weeks prior to Convention. Both Research and Research-in Process sessions are 20 minutes long and will be paired with one additional presentation. Research sessions will have a discussant and Research-in-process sessions will have a scholar-mentor. See the Scholarship Sessions portion of the website for more details regarding the proposal guidelines and differences in these two program sessions.
Multimodal20 or 40 minutes of a 60 minute sessionScholarship presentations in this area include performance, visual, digital, and other arts-based forms of knowledge creation and distribution. Multimodal presentations can include forms such as Zines, storytelling, poetry, documentary, photo-voice project, artifact presentation, or the presentation of research findings in another creative format. Multimodal sessions exist in two formats: (a) 20-minute long presentation in which two multimodal presentations are assigned to one session block, with time for audience feedback (60 minute session in total) and (b) 40 minute-long presentation in which one multimodal presentation is assigned to a session block, with time for audience feedback. Both formats are best suited for those requiring digital media, audio/visual, speakers, microphones, and performance. Additionally, both formats will include a chair to help organize the session. The chair will not provide feedback on the scholarship as in the Research and Research-in-Process sessions but will help engage the audience with the scholarship presented.
Methods Workshop60 minutesMethods workshops are 60 minutes long. These sessions allow members to present a project that uses compelling research methods and teaches others how to apply this method to their own work. Presentations in this format should be considered continuing professional development allowing members to build self-efficacy and capacity around creating scholarship and assessment tools to bring back to their campuses.
Research & Practice PosterPosters provide an opportunity for continued synchronous/asynchronous engagement with scholarship throughout the course of the Convention. Posters are placed on display during scheduled times of ACPA24 Convention with presentation times facilitated by the authors.

Proposal Resources

The ACPA24 Program team is developing resources to assist as you prepare your educational session submission. These resources include a program proposal worksheet – a form one can build out a program proposal before entering it into the portal, the rubrics used to review program submissions, a how-to submit a proposal presentation, and sample proposals you can review while developing your proposal.

Submission Information

The due date to submit an Educational or Scholarship proposal is 8 September 2023. The deadline to submit a Pre-Convention workshop is 31 July 2023.

If you have any questions or experience any difficulties with the submission process, please contact the International Office at [email protected].

Presenter Registration Information 

If your program is accepted, you have the ethical and professional obligation to register for Convention by 15 December 2023.